Icosa water dispenser.
Icosa over flat surfaces.
Icosa in your kitchen.
Icosa in any  environment.
Icosa, the perfect water dispenser for the actual society.

iCosa, comes from icosahedron (a 20 faces polyhedron) its a glazed ceramic water jug holder and dispenser that adapts to the potable water supply in which countries like Mexico are based on, but attaching it to the current society, in an ergonomic and attractive way.

It is a new version off the common ceramic water dispenser that the majority of mexicans possess, adding an aesthetic touch to every environment. iCosa is manufactured in the well known mexican ceramic company Anfora. It is designed to be placed over its metal structure or if the user desires, it can be placed without it over any flat surface. The storage volume is 270.5 fl oz and the dimensions of the supporting structure as well as the water dispenser allow an easy water supply for the majority.

Pictures my Mariana Aguila and Fernando Etulain,