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Dear Sir
I like to present you Idae. It’s a notebook with very peculiar features, unbreakable, waterproof and recyclable where it is possible to write with any type of pen or pencil.

Idae does not fear anything, water, rain, mold, wind, hail or even your own washing machine if you don’t check your pockets before doing laundry.

Our vision for Idae is to make it an object in the life of any sportsmen allowing them to take it along in all their adventures to make sure that their thoughts and their words will be immortal. Think about what you could do with Idae while practicing your sports, hobbies or works.

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Thank you,
best regadrs,
Tomaso Piantini

arcHITects srl
viale Bligny 41 – 20136 Milano, Italy
@ tomaso.piantini@hit-architects.com – TEL +39 02 58430760