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Introducing: The iErnest camera strap

Handmade from the finest Italian leather, the iErnest camera strap is specially designed for medium to heavy cameras. As enthusiastic photographers ourselves, we created this product to satisfy our personal desire for the ideal strap: a well-tailored luxury band with added comfort.

The strap features an integrated replaceable elastic shock absorber to relieve pressure on the neck and shoulders while you walk. By adjusting the elastic, you can customize the length of the strap to match the weight of your camera – or your personal preference – without loose strap ends getting in the way. Suitable for both males and females, the strap features a concealed neoprene neck pad for extra comfort.

Not only will you benefit from the design, but so will your camera. The shock absorption system reduces pressure on the suspension rings, as well as on the lens mount if you’re using a heavy lens. Small leather discs prevent the metal rings from damaging your camera. The strap is indivisible for extra security; it has no plastic parts or connectors, D-rings are welded closed and leather loop-joints are reinforced with ribbon.