The Utopie series of projects was based in the imagination of physical representations of the visions of the great French Utopie architects of the 60’s: Jungmann, Chaneac, Hausermann etc.

The concept was to make “floating” landscapes that would exist, as a 3D model would, in a 2D world, but as an actual 3D object.

Floating architectural models, or landscapes, which allow the top of the piece to exist in harmony with the bottom… to force the viewer to jump into each plane to experience it in total.

IFOS (Its Full of Stars)concept:
To create a light source from a form that when “off” appears to be a solid dense structure, floating.
To create a contained structure that appears to emit light from its density. A slice of earth etc…

** IFOS will be exhibited for the first time at Gallery Rossana Orlandi in Milan for the 2015 Salone Del Mobile **

All pieces are produced by hand in the NY studio


IFOS (off view)

IFOS-detail top




IFOS-detail ON view