igl jet - deep black
igl jet - metallic gray
igl jet - metallic orange
igl jet - pearl white
igl jet - details

In 1970 Ernest Igl designed a desk that has become a collector’s piece among connoisseurs and acquired a cult following at international auctions. This groundbreaking, legendary desk is now being produced again as a limited edition.

Ernest Igl understood that conventional materials such as wood, glass or steel were not compatible with his design concepts: “People allow the limited capabilities of wood and steel processing equipment to determine the style of their furniture – even- surfaced, angular, cold and aggressive”. He reallized that his “structured softness” could only be manufactured using synthetic materials.

In the early ‘70s the igl jet’s revolutionary formal concept and exclusively synthetic composition made it an icon of contemporary office furniture. Now, using the latest technology to ensure the highest quality of reproduction, the igl jet is once again available as a limited edition.