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iLoop NEON
use of iLoop
use of iLoop
iLoop NEON

What is iLoop?

iLoop is elegant, minimalistic and multifunctional holder made of 100% recyclable sillicone for your phone and it does come with a twist. Without compromising it’s primary function of being phone holder, it can also be used as an effective hand grip for strenghtening your finger, palm and arm muscles and relieving stress while having a conversation on the phone.

Main features

1. mobile phone holder
• mobile phone holder that accomodates most sizes of the telephones.
• holds and protects your mobile phone.

2. exercise hand grip
• grabbing releaves stress while in the office, working or on the telephone
• squeezing strenghtens arm and hand muscles

Most of all iLoop makes you smile. iLoop is fun for everybody, it’s safe to use and it protects health. It enables limitless options of usage and combining multiple iLoops together brings all new fun activities from watching movies to playing games.

The reason I am writing you is to introduce you our latest design product – iLoop Phone Holder which as from the beginning of the New Year is coming in completely new range of 5 amazing NEON colors that also glow in the dark.

NEON collection hasn’t been published elswhere yet (only on our webpage).