Imajen Exploration Tools Package
Imajen Exploration Tools Close Up
Imajen Exploration Tools Environment Shot

As we trend toward more and more use of cheap plastics and electronics in kids’ products, landfills are being flooded by synthetic and toxic materials. According the EPA, over 179,000 tons of batteries end up in the landfills every year.

How can we impart a sense of responsibility and sustainability if we don’t encourage children to interact with nature? That’s where Imajen Exploration Tools come in. The tools incorporates several sustainability strategies, including making a one material product, using renewable resources, and promoting extended life. Unlike most toys which are made to eventually be thrown away, Imajen Tools grow with the child and remain as beautiful artifacts that can be displayed or handed down. At the same time, the tools instill a sense of exploration and imagination that is meant to foster and strengthen a sense of connection with the environment.