The project comes from the observation of an experimentation. The latter referred to the explosion of a glass cullet drip* in a glass container. Our project aims at sharing the feeling of surprise or even wonder we could have during this event, with the user. Thus, we propose a lamp which asserts itself as the medium of
this purely descriptive and irreversible situation, as well as the long-lasting witness of the user’s experiment. Morever, by generating the experimentation, the user also completes the aesthetic quality of the object. In fact, when the object has been bought, the whole electric system of the lamp is visible, showing a connotation
of a non-finished product. By the explosion generated by the user, the glass cullet drip turns itself into crystalware which, by gravity, will settle in the bottom of the sphere. Thus, all the electric componants will be recovered by this «glass dust».

* word meaning the molten piece of glass which remains at the end of the blowpipe and which is quenched in cold water. Thus, a thermal shock is exerted between the heat of the quenched end of the blowpipe and the water in which it is plunged, generating an instability of the molecules of the quenched glass.