Natural edge elm bowl

Artistic wood-turner Jonathan Leech lives and works in the north west of England. He produces a wide range of large, distinctive, wooden bowls from local, sustainably-sourced timber.

Jonathan first began working with wood in 2005, when he joined the workshop of Cumbrian furniture-maker Danny Frost. As he spent more of his time working on the lathe, his initial interest developed into a passion and soon he was hooked! The natural beauty of his rural surroundings is a constant source of inspiration and this is reflected in his work. Each piece is hand-made from locally-sourced timber, obtained without damaging the environment – for example from fallen or storm-damaged trees.

Jonathan’s preferred style is ‘minimalist ‘, using simple designs which allow the wood to express its own qualities and individuality. This often includes natural edges, knot-holes, burrs, spalting, and other naturally-occurring imperfections.

Among his most striking pieces are his large, natural edge, yew bowls. The rich orange of the heartwood contrasts sharply with the pale sapwood and, at up to 50cm in diameter, each of these bowls makes a stunning centrepiece.

Demand for Jonathan’s work comes from a variety of sources, including interior designers, discerning home-owners and those seeking an unusual and unique gift. A recent article in the Times described Jonathan’s work as ‘modernist’.

His work can be viewed in selected galleries throughout the UK and is available to purchase via the website, at www.jonathanleech.co.uk. To find out more, visit the website, e-mail jonathan.leech@googlemail.com, or telephone +44 16973 51746.


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