a series of different rotational moulded pieces
the machine
favorite object (a container)
the setup
two vases
wooden detail as handle
machine detail

A series of rotational moulded pieces was made in a experimental production setup. By using a self-made rotational moulding machine I can produce variation instead of repetition. The moulds were made from simple geometric patterns, the material is a special plaster that hardens within short time. I also added wooden parts and other materials. The hollow objects were cut to create a vase/dish/container
The Machine, for me, is more than just a tool: I designed the machine itself by using basic characteristics of a piece of furniture such as brass fittings, multiplex and steel tubes.

The machine and the objects produced in it will be shown at Istanbul Design Biennial, at »Adhocracy« curated by Joseph Grima from Oct. 10th until Dec. 13th. 2012