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This table we are especially fond of. Massive bolts, Angle Iron, I-beams and rivets. It reminds me of the 1930’s Machine Age where raw steel was building the nation. It has an extremely industrialized and architectural feel to it. This table is handcrafted and will no doubt stand the test of time and style. It’s suitable for lofts, living areas and even the boardroom. This Deskur & Deskur original will be in vogue whether you’re throwing a dinner party or just with the family.

• Also available in other finishes such as ‘Raw Steel’, ‘Sand Blast’ and ‘Rust-ic’ (featured here). All finishes are followed by several coats of lacquer for protection (which stops the rust process). We also offer a variety of colors in powder coating. Powder coating was used in the 1950’s and stood the test of time and abuse.

• We offer two types of glass (crystal and white opaque) in a variety of thicknesses.