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Innovation Clock by Eric Gunther

The Innovation Clock transforms Twitter conversations around innovation into dynamic text and architectural lighting.

A custom software algorithm monitors trusted Twitter feeds in real time, analyzing them for language related to innovation. This perpetually changing stream of content drives the visuals on three display surfaces.

At the human scale, a digital sculpture sits in the lobby of the building, revealing activity over the last hour, and animating the text of Tweets up to the minute to reveal themes and patterns of language in the conversation.

At an architectural scale, the lighting on the building facade is animated to reflect the level of activity in the conversation over the last 24 hours. The lights gently pulse and change color, transforming the building into a coded beacon.

Over the course of the day, the lights play out an interlocking cycle of animations that marks the passage of time and gives people a unique perspective on the global innovation conversation.

The Innovation Clock visualizes the Twitter conversation around innovation through dynamic text and lighting.

A digital sculpture in the lobby reveals up-to-the-minute themes in the Twitter conversation around innovation



Dynamic lighting on the facade of the building shows a coded map of recent activity in the Twitter conversation


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