Front View
Perspective Design
Inside Out
Inside Out
Inside Out
two paratactic hangers
hang the clothes together after matching them well
freely take off the inside clothes
saving space in the wardrobe

Keeping the original shape and function, Inside Out Hanger’ can easily twist into two paratactic hangers by using the feature of elastic material and a clever structure design. Then we can keep two pieces of clothes hanging on the same hanger, which is a common usage in daily life. However, the difference is that Inside Out Hanger’ can help people freely take off the inside clothes, rather than taking off the outside ones first.

With the Hanger’ we can hang the clothes together after matching them well. Moreover, the circular ring, naturally formed at the bottom of Hanger’ by turning it inside out, can be use to hang some accessories, such as scarf, ties, etc. In addition, the elasticity of Hanger’ can perfectly fit different clothes.

Without adding extra materials, the Hanger’ makes it possible to hang the matched clothes and accessories together. It saves both the time to match clothes and the space in the wardrobe. Are you still unable to make up your mind how to match the clothes before going out? Would you like to have more space in the wardrobe? The Inside Out Hanger’ shows us a perfect solution.