Buidling - Eindhoven, The Netherlands
The Inspiration Infinity Texture
Inspiration Infinity by Polyseam Inc.

Tram - The Hague, The Netherlands

Hi Mocoloco,
Polyseam Inc. Is a Dutch design studio based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
In the employments of Polyseam Inc. several concepts like forbearance, fluctuations and infinity come forward.
Nowadays Polyseam is working on the project Inspiration Infinity:
People are not aware of their surroundings. If you walk the same route every day, you’ll do it on autopilot. You do not realize anymore what there is to see.
It is a project inspired by several famous people like Plato and Allan Kaprow.
For Polyseam Inc. these people are real heroes. We have something in common.
Plato and Kaprow had a purpose. Polyseam has a common purpose: to have an influence on people their thoughts.
The human ability to have a source that never runs out: inspiration.
Polyseam Inc. visualizes inspiration in an infinite pattern.
This texture has to make a statement. You can find the texture at striking points. For example on big buildings and on trains. These things are notable and many people will see them. If people can see these big textures they will think about the concept and after all: pay more attention on the things in their surroundings.

More information:

The product is a visualization of the mindset of people. This is visualized in the form of a texture. The texture is infinite (it can be infinitely repeated and the same pattern will occur). This is the same as the human thought process. This resource is also infinite.

People are not aware of their surroundings. If you walk the same route every day, you will do it on autopilot. You do not realize what there really is to see in the area you are walking.
Furthermore Plato argued that people should think more about their environment. He pushed them to do that. Along with Allan Kaprow, he is the greatest source of inspiration for Polyseam Inc. Kaprow, father of the ‘happening’, disrupted public organization in a playful way. This way he could play with peoples minds.
As a result, people were creating new thoughts about their surroundings

People need to think more about what they see. People should not accept everything automatically. If someone is looking around he will see something, but does he think about it?

The texture should show people that they have to use their heads. It has to be really striking. For example, the texture is printed on a T-shirt. If people wear this T-shirt their thoughts are not only in their head. Their thoughts are going to be a part of their body. Off course there is more than only T-shirts. More people should see it and think about it. People will see the texture on big buildings. People will see the texture in the public transport. People will see the texture everywhere

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