Interference is a physical installation that is also a game.
Players manipulate wooden pieces in a simple strategy game.
Five suspended walls create layers of visual transparency.
The three meters by three meters walls create a volumetric play space.
Organic patterns on the walls give them a lace-like quality.
The twist to the gameplay is that players steal pieces from each other as they play.
Light shimmers across and shines through the steel walls.
The game can accommodate four players through twenty or more.
Players view their opponents through the semi-transparent walls.
The five walls are each less than a millimeter thick.

Interference is a physical installation that is also a game. A collaboration between an architect and a game designer, Interference is about the design of actual space and social space.
Five suspended steel walls, each less than a millimeter thick, act as vertical game-boards. The three meters by three meters walls are dotted with delicate patterns resembling cell tissues that turn the steel into glittering lace, catching and reflecting light to creating a layered, semi-transparent space.
To play the game, pairs of players manipulate wooden cylindrical pieces, moving them in and out of circular holes on the walls. The goal of the game is to get more of your color than their opponent’s color in a local area of one of the walls.
The twist to the gameplay is that each turn you need to steal a piece from the games of other players in progress. And they are doing the same to you. The result is a game that is at once strategic and chaotic. Interference becomes a beehive of activity, as players race around to visit games on other walls, strategizing with and against each other, becoming allies and enemies with strangers.

Interference was commissioned at la Gaîté lyrique for the Joue le Jeu exhibition, Paris 2012.

A collaboration between game designer Eric Zimmerman and architect Nathalie Pozzi
Made of 0.6 mm stainless steel metal panels, fabricated in Italy by Caino Design.
Design collaborators: ?Rebecca Jones Sterling, ?Tim Szetela
Carpentry and pawns?: Adelina Blanc, Antonio Cozza, Tarcisio Pozzi

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