This is the renovation project of a residence room near Osaka city where is close to airports and railway hub stations. It is used as the multi use space as an accomodation, a stay, a guest space,and also an incubation office of taiwanese bussiness partners who works in Japan. Here, we performed various designs based on the clear plan composition having the element of excursion / flexibility, the lighting plan with rationality / diversity, and the operation of the light which changes every moment. That is because I wished to find out rich space composition which is equal also to a city, and its complexity in the interior space of the limited size. Firstly, the existing space currently divided into the fragment was integrated rationally and articulated clearly. The state and capacity of required equipments and storage space was reexamined again and refined. Excessive walls of three rooms was removed and one continuous space was produced. It functions as a hall / living / dining / Japanese style room, sets a central core for a part of equipment and walk-in closet , and has amphidromous and flexibility. The space of the shape of a rectangular doughnut can respond also to a private use flexibly by sliding doors, though it has sufficient depth and width as an incubation office. By digging a superthin slit in these doors, the sunlight from the west side opening is effectively taken even into all the corners of the space which has the depth of 10 m in east and west. Moreover, several lighting with various illuminations, colors and shapes differ from form is arranged. By using this in different way properly and rationally, residents can use space variously. The semi open type kitchen can follow the demand from a living – dining, Tatami room, and a guest space continuously by the hall and two openings. I proposed a flexible space which can be adapted for various unexpected demands and scenes by a minimum intervention.