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Interlude Hybrid Bench by José Bermúdez

Interlude is a brief time between acts on a play, where the bike and the user are the main characters.

Interlude is a hybrid bench designed to work in any kind of space. The bike is in vertical position to help to reduce space and give personality to each bench. You can hold your bike and also use it to fix some parts. The steel plate is designed to have your shoes without staining the wood and it’s easy to remove it so you can clean it. It works as well to put some tools or some blankets.

In this project life is conceived as a play. A normal day has different scenes; all we need is a brief time to continue with our daily activities. That moment between is called interlude.

By the same concept is how this multifunctional bench is designed. Interlude is a hybrid bench designed to work in any kind of space. It keep your things organize and it helps to reduce space.

The wood pole is simple as it looks but has different applications. It forces you to keep clean your bike and your belongings. It allows you to hold your bike, put your helmet and also use it to fix some parts. The design of the bench helps to put your bike in vertical position, which is a strategic position due to the stability of the bench, thanks to the tire that rests as well in the floor.

The metal plate is designed to be easily removed, easy to clean and give some colorful to the bench. It fits both parts of the bench; on the part below the plate helps to keep clean the wood from the stains your shoes could have. On the top part, it works to put some tools or some blankets.

The main characteristic of interlude is the shape that resembles a sled. Both color of the bench and the metal plate is intended to give personality to the bike and the user.

Interlude is designed to keep it indoors where the bike can rest and use it for fix some parts.


The metal plate is designed to keep the wood clean. Is perfect to remove and clean it.



The metal plate could also help you to keep your tools ready to use.


The metal tube is designed to keep the bike in the right position

The wood and the metal plate could be in many combinations as possible depends on the user.

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