Working in the fields of interactive and experience design Copenhagen-based design office YOKE has created an immersive light experience exploring the human perception of space. Presented at the Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Copenhagen, a centre for astronomy and space research, during the winter music festival Frost Festival 2016 the light installation is a manipulation of space using a minimalistic form language.

‘INTERSECTIONS’ consists of three large, black cylinders, each with a pattern of cuts allowing rays of light to shine through. Intersecting with each other, the emitted vertical and horizontal patterns of light create a temporary three-dimensional map on the surrounding architecture.

The installation is also kinetic. A rotational platform makes the light spin while motors and weights inside the cylinders move the light sources up and down.The movements are slow and subtle. But as the light travels, the movement appears to gradually increase, creating a feeling of vertigo that challenges one’s sense of balance for a few seconds, before the light disappears in a new direction.

Through moving lines of light and shifts in orientation, ‘INTERSECTIONS’creates temporary optical illusions that challenge the perception of space and comments on the intangibility of visual space.


INTERSECTIONS is an immersive light experience.

A minimal form language creates a temporary manipulation of perception of space

Each cylinder has a pattern of cuts letting lines of light shine out.

The moving light sources inside the cylinders add a kinetic element to the installation.

Constantly moving lines of light transform the surrounding space.

Sketch of cylinders