Original Series set
Original Series Coffee Table
Original Series Side Table


How are you? I want to introduce to Bornhardt. Which is a furniture
that makes quality handmade coffee and side tables, full built in the
United States. They have a modern straight leg frame accompanied by a
hand picked vintage wooden top. Each table
in one of kind. We take pride in picking quality salvaged and antique
wood for each of our tables. We also have the ability to make custom
tables to truely fit a space or home. If you’d like to view our tables
please visit www.bornhardtusa.com

I want to reach out because I believe Bornhardt fits into
the ideals and aesthetic of MOCO LOCO. My partner and I are classicly
trained graphic designers that are passionate about quality.
At Bornhardt we design and build our tables, along with creating all
the company branding and web design. I hope you enjoy our passion and


Adam Spitalny