The new issue of the innovative publishing project supported by Italian lighting design house, Foscarini is dedicated to idea of Lightness

“Precision and lightness. Learning, with the pleasure of a smile” is how Editor, Beppe Finessi, introduces Inventario 5. The theme focuses on Lightness, “oxygen for the mind and a gift for creativity”, as taught by Italian artist and designer Bruno Munari.

Inventario explores Lightness as a rare and precious state of being. Italo Calvino discusses this concept in his book “American Lessons” where he implies that lightness is the removal of weight. “Knowing how to lighten something is a trait of the mind and a way of living that is both incisive and fluid and produces only beautiful things”, comments Finessi in the issue. Having been influenced by different creative sources, there are many ways to interpret the theme.

Issue five features a wide range of art and design pieces.

From the light, sharp lines of artist Lisa Ponti, to the expressions of humanity seen in photographer Rinko Kawauchi’s work, one will be taken on a journey that communicates simplicity.

The bookzine also features “Absolutes”, works that have enhanced our daily lives. For example, Maps by artist Wim Delvoye is followed by a collection of door stops (simple objects containing the essence of design) edited by industrial designer Giulio Iacchetti.

Inventario 5, like past issues, continues to focus on creative and unique individuals like Ugo La Pietra, a tireless researcher and “a design musician, who transforms noise into sound and teaches us that ‘living’ does not only mean using the space, but loving it”. Snapshots of Bagdad by artist Roman Ondák are followed by a collection of used objects chosen by artist Tobias Putrih, while in the “I nuovi maestri” (New Masters) series Japanese artist and designer Tokujin Yoshioka has a discussion with architect Marco Romanelli. Similarly, the “I miti d’oggi” (Modern Legends) series seeks to understand the philosophies of Belgian furniture designer Maarten Van Severen.

The cover of Inventario 5 is of a collection of candles that were part of the ‘Fare Lume. Candele tra arte e design’ exhibition (Making Light. Candles in Art and Design) at the Poldi Pezzoli in Milan during April/May 2012; this was a successful exhibit promoted by Foscarini at Salone del Mobile 2012.

With Inventario 5, the adventure continues. This independent bookzine expresses Foscarini’s values of creating innovative designs. As with each issue of Inventario, Foscarini only presents itself with a photographer’s creative reinterpretation of Foscarini products. After Massimo Gardone, Max Rommel, Moreno Gentili and Lena Amuat, photographer Emmanuel Mathez now has the chance to capture the essence of Foscarini for Inventario 5.

September 2012

About Inventario:

Part book, part magazine, Inventario contains original critical contributions, explores the best of international creativity by looking at design from a wide range of persepectives and showcases an enlightened, liberated view of design, art and architecture.

“Inventario does not talk about Foscarini – underlines Carlo Urbinati and Alessandro Vecchiato, company founders – because we wanted a project that was completely free in spirit. Inventario is, however, the mouthpiece of our values. It looks to the future with an attentive, curious eye and with the pleasure of exploring areas of innovation, in the Foscarini spirit”. Created and edited by Beppe Finessi, Inventario is a transversal container for innovation, research and creativity. It is published in English and Italian every four months and is available in leading bookshops all over the world.