Little girls grow up dreaming of it, big girls get jealous over it, and advertisers cash big checks on it. sashaPure questions which part of the ring is the most important—the shine of the gem sitting atop the band or the emotion that makes you want to say “forever.” The answer was easy – the ring itself is merely a representation of an intangible devotion. To embody a feeling as ethereal as love, we wanted to create a piece of jewelry just as transcendent.

From inside the box, the ring glitters with the promise of karats in spades. But upon opening the box, it is revealed that the sparkling facets are, in fact, only on the surface of the package. This is the moment of impact. When the essence of the design, and the intentions of the designer, hit you in the gut. The promise now, though still of love, is that no material can represent that devotion.

The outer package has the clear coating print to brand sashaPure in a quiet way. It is also a special place for the gift giver to write hidden love notes. The unpacking experience promotes curiosity leading to surprise as you peel back the folds and feel moved when words written by a true heart are revealed.