iPlate "Edit your food"
iPlate "Import your food"
iPlate "Ctrl Z"
iPlate "Image size"

Hi !

I spend most of my time in front of my screen to hack Photoshop. So, obviously, sometimes, I become mad at it!

Who has never dreamed to be able to manage details of one’s own life like we manipulate today images on software like Photoshop? Who has never thought to do ‘apple + z’ after breaking a glass? I have created theses series of funny plates following this kind of events. These are winks!

Then, we can try to import directly your steak from your fridge to your plate, change the colour of your fish or rub the beets!
And if you unfortunately have a crush for a huge part of French fries absolutely forbidden by your dietician, you will only need to set up a ‘apple Z’ once it is too late. It is so easy!

You can also see my works over there: