Irish Cottages
Dublin bike girls

Perhaps a nice st.patrick’s day feature?

The Ursula Celano brand is all about designs that say ‘Ireland’. Each design is intended to express a style and situation that is uniquely Irish but also bang up to date with the current design aesthetic.Notebooks made in dublin of recycled paper. Designed to reinterpret Irish imagery and modernise it.
Using familiar and new themes – from traditional irish dancing, country cottages to modern Irish landmarks and popular culture (Dublin’s much loved bike rental schemes.)

“I left Ireland and emigrated to the UK after graduation from university in 1995 and returned ten years later with an English-Italian husband and an interesting career in management consulting focusing on tourism. Like many women, I promised myself that once I had my family settled into school, I would take the time to make something of my ‘creative talents’. As a tourism consultant, I spent lots of time looking at gift shops and I thought I would really like to see something which matched my own view of my beautiful country for sale. I decided to combine everything I liked to do into a new Irish gift brand. Two years later, I am so pleased to be ready to show you what my Ireland looks like. I hope this main collection will be available in a quality gift store near you in late Spring 2012 and also online at this website. As I write I am designing more notebooks in multiple sizes. This is great fun as it is a completely local project and they are made in a dublin factory so I can just pop in the car to see production. If you want to see what I am working on please visit the blog. I try to keep the blog on this website up to date with the latest inspirations and designs.”