We at Goebel & Co. Furniture were looking to create the quintessential dining table which was heavily rooted in tradition but had the ability to cross train between modern decor and traditional decor. As a child my two older brothers and I destroyed furniture, by simply being high energy children. We needed to create a design which was sturdy, cost effective, elegant in it’s simplicity, relatable and very importantly… FLAT PACKS!

All of this needed be embodied while life happened on, around and to it.

Production method was heavily considered during design. By reducing the number of processes needed to create the composition, we are able to use higher quality materials while reducing production costs. Each component in the base is proportioned so it can come out of a single plank reducing possible points of failure in the future.

We created the Isabella. It has been stripped of greater ornamentation which in our eyes is un-needed and only increase cost. It flat packs into a 10″ total height shipping crate. It assembles via 2 wedges and 4 pins in literally seconds. The construction is 100% solid wood and traditional joinery (void of screws and veneer). By its nature is indestructible and elegant in its simplicity.

I have many more process images if you are interested. We have sold these tables from local clients to Malaysia. This product emerged 6 months ago.