Style: "emo"

Emo design, Italian design consultancy founded in 2008 by Lukasz Bertoli, Francesco Costacurta and Carlo Ciciliot, will participate to the Lodz Design Festival as partner of the venue with an exposition of 70 meter square, initiating its internationalisation process.

The Lodz Design Festival will take place in Lodz from the 18th to the 28th October. It is an event born as a local initiative that grew in latest years becoming one of the most important cultural events in Poland. Every year it aims at deepen relevant topics concerning arts and design trough conferences, expositions and a contest for aspiring designers. (http://www.lodzdesign.com/2012/)

In an environment entirely dedicated to contemporary art, Emo design will exhibit its best sellers pieces into the installation “design as a strategic tool”. Where by showing the process used to reach a certain product solution, Emo will demonstrate how through a pragmatic and surgical design it is possible to generate products with a strong appeal.
The studio will also be involved into a lecture about user experience in industrial design with the title “A cool nail! Repositioning a commodity by using a deep user experience analysis on a product design exploration.”

Emo design is also involved in the restyling of a sink for Deante, a Lodzian company, Polish leader on production of sinks and faucets. The project is a reinterpretation of a contemporary granite sink, driven by polish culture.
The strategic decision to participate at Lodz Design Festival is part of a wider project by Emo design as Lukasz Bertoli, the Polish soul of the studio explains: “Poland seems to be a healthy country and a promising market. I believe Emo design has good chances to succeed on long lasting collaboration with Polish companies. Our aim is to transfer our Italian know-how to Poland and show to Europe what Polish people can do. We respect Polish entrepreneurs due to the reason they started their businesses in a disadvantaged situation, but they succeed. Poland is developing very quickly and research for good design is increasing though there is a low differantiation within products, this is the reason why we believe to be able to give them a different vision on the product and on the market by knowing Polish culture and Italian design. We want final clients to say: “made in Poland, so we buy it.”