Simbiosi design: classic style has never been so contemporary

Baroque-style furniture-making meets the artworks of modern avant-garde
Miro and Picasso come alive in the handmade carvings of the great classic furniture

A project that combines the most genuine italian handmade tradition in the field of furniture-making with the personality of a great artistic movement: a limited edition dedicated to those who want to turn their own house into a living work of art. Manufactured, carved and decorated all by hand, here are the dressers that blend baroque and contemporary design: symbiosis design by vazzari

Establishing a connection between the great Italian furniture-making tradition and the greatest personalities of the avant-garde that have marked the history of contemporary art.
A challenge wholeheartedly picked up by “Simbiosi Design”, a project by Vazzari that sets out to merge the hallmarks of baroque furnishings and the famous paintings of the most groundbreaking artistic experiences of the Twentieth Century. The goal: to blend the art forms of the past to the present, in perfect symbiosis – as the name suggests.
Thus the Miro and Picasso dressers come into being: limited editions, they are furnishings made entirely by hand by cabinetmakers and carvers of great experience according to the standards of the handicraft production of classic luxury furniture.
The big news is in the trims: instead of resorting to the usual gold and silver leaf finish, which is typical of baroque production, the two dressers are decorated in “May 1968” by Joan Miro or “Le peintre et son modèle” by Pablo Picasso. All of this, once again, is strictly handmade.

The choice fell on these two great artists on the anniversary of their deaths, respectively in 1983 and 1973, while the paintings were selected for their aesthetic value as well as for the profound meanings they convey.
In “May 1968” we find the artistic representation of the slogan “power to imagination” – slogan that has characterized the student riots of 1968, which the painting is dedicated to: the expression of a freedom and a vitality that spill over into colorful blots, sketches, and handprints.
Thus, while young people challenged the paradigms on which contemporary society was based, Miro changed the canons of art: just as the canons of baroque had overhauled those in vogue in their time, marking a decisive turning point from the past.

Along with the paradigm shifts, however, there is also a parallel reflection on the very nature of artistic creation. A return to the very essence of the inspiration and the impulses that drive the painter, the artist, and the man: a reflection carried out with the tip of the paintbrush by Pablo Picasso in his famous “Le peintre et son modèle”. Here, in an interplay of volumes – of fullness and hollowness – and colored patterns an unbreakable bond between the painter and the model is created.
Amid the soft curves we see faces, parts of the body, the painter’s studio. Yet above all the rest, the eye of the beholder is captivated by the flow of free artistic compulsion that breaks the mold and crashes onto the canvas.

“Symbiosi Design” is a project by Vazzari, a company specialized in the production of luxury classic furniture. Following the footsteps of the great Italian furniture-making, Vazzari offers its worldwide clientele stunning furniture that is made entirely by hand by skilled craftsmen.

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