The ITSABOB Play Experience
People's Expressions Playing With the ITSABOB
Riley Playing With ITSABOB
Final Model

TS-A-BOB is a toy for kids and adults alike that creates a new social play experience with balloons. Equally straddling the worlds of product, art and design, the ITS-A-BOB play experience is guided by a creative vision to transform ordinary balloons into art objects.

Launched on November 18, ITS-A-BOB is seeking to raise a minimum of $9,000 in funding on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter campaign runs through mid-December at bit.ly/itsabob

The ITS-A-BOB’s novel play experience was inspired by the feeling of letting a balloon go —  the “you can let go” moment.

The ITS-A-BOB allows kids and adults alike to watch their balloon float away and retrieve it back again over and over. It works with an elegant, intuitive interaction — a simple “squeeze and release” gesture.

The ITS-A-BOB extends playtime with one of the most universal objects in the world—a balloon — and transforms balloons into a playful, social experience to share with others.

The ITS-A-BOB is a toy for the kid in all of us. But it’s also a useful balloon weight and display system for balloons.
“Balloons to me are a medium for creative expression,” said Jed Berk, Founder and Creator of the ITSABOB.” “They can be fashionable, decorative, themed, or humorous. I’m interested in exploring new types of balloon designs and collaborating with other artists to introduce novel concepts.”

For the Kickstarter campaign, a limited edition “art balloon” will be created by an anonymous designer.

The campaign offers several creative reward levels, including a “Designer Collection” featuring a set of ITS-A-BOBs with the aforementioned “art balloons” to a “social performance” coordinated by the founder himself “The Official Its-A-Pop-Up” balloon release event.