Ivy Rocking Chair
Ivy Chair side view
Ivy chair back view
Ivy Chair (Head rest)
Ivy texture
Ivy book feature
Ivy views
Ivy making

The Ivy chair is a contemporary, three-dimensional manifestation of the spirit of man’s positive response to nature as it brings concepts of Biomimicry and therapeutic aspects of Eco psychology. They draw their inspiration from a dual interest in traditional palm weaving techniques and the natural resonance of nature’s wondrous structure and form.

Acording to Wilson E.O p5, 2013 there is sensory relationship with human and nature that gives this objects an emotional benefit, as it normally satisfy us, which are good for our wellbeing.

The use of straw weaving has a strong connection with the mathematical principles often found in nature. Influenced by Ernst Haeckel’s method of scaling up the micro natural world through illustration, the piece transforms the small palm-folded material into a larger, contemporary object that highlights its potential and aesthetic appeal. The project called Growing Complexity that seeks a production of both industrial and craftsmanship processes is extended to a variety of other household objects like lamp, cushions and others still to be shown. They all follow this method of transformation of flat materials into three-dimensional structural objects with a first-hand awareness of indigenous craftsmanship processes.

The Ivy chair was built with American oak wood and a non peeling and water resistant felt that promotes a surface pleasurable interaction and a relaxing experience influenced by hammocks of Brazilian lifestyle. This flexible structure based on weaved felt can also substitute the upholstery of ordinary cushions and get the shape of the body. It also provide a pillow with an adjustable head rest. The chair also provides under the seat a book storage feature.