Jack, a concrete speaker by Ben Wahrlich
Jack, a concrete speaker by Ben Wahrlich 2
Jack, a concrete speaker by Ben Wahrlich 3
Jack, a concrete speaker by Ben Wahrlich 4
Jack, a concrete speaker by Ben Wahrlich 5

Jack is a bluetooth speaker individually hand crafted from concrete and wood, giving it a unique combination of raw individuality and increased sound quality.

At first the design appears simple and subtle, but upon closer inspection reveals a highly technical construction method: A complete rethink of the moulding process adopting modern materials, allows a single part line hidden from view underneath the cylinder. This gives the face and top of the cylinder a seamless transition between surfaces, while also allowing a slight taper to the rear. A cutout section has been designed into the cylinder to house the crossbar, which pierces the concrete, slightly lifting the speaker to project the sound outward. This crossbar also acts as a sound dampener to reduce vibration.

The speaker housing is made of concrete which has been hand mixed and hand cast, ensuring the unique varied characteristics of the material, while the crossbar is made from turned hardwood. An exclusive concrete formula has been produced over several months of development, which boasts a compressive strength that is more than 10x that of standard concrete. This mix is specifically designed to achieve high strength with reduced weight, meaning safer shipping for international customers.

Jack is currently in prototype stage, but is set to launch in 2013.