Just Another Lamp appeared in a small sketch while we were doing one of our weekly meetings… those meetings in which things go wonderfully off track and great ideas appear out of nowhere. We realized that the purity of an hourglass shape had the function of lamp holder in the union of the two cones. We just had to add a simple thread, a light bulb, and a cable to get JAL. There are two different dimensions and three different glass finishes on the top part: clear glass, frosted glass and colored glass.


JAL is a lamp based on simplicity, quality of materials, and purity of purpose.

The simplicity of its shape makes JAL a lamp that fits into different contexts and make it last trough time.




The cord pass through the glass subtly.

The frosted version creates a ring light effect on its base.



Each lamp is handmade by the glass blower Ferran Collado from Barcelona.