With endless development and the ability to comply with a variety of professional challenges, Janis STRAUPE has created his fantastic artificial works for more than thirty years. He has participated not only in group and solo exhibitions in Latvia, but Janis is also the well-known wood designer abroad, receiving several prestigious awards, being one of the best designers by Latvian Designers’ Society. The simplicity and elegance we feel collaborating with Janis STRAUPE have affected and impacted many prominent public figures, who appreciate him to be very prominent and kind-hearted, and good-will wood designer.

Janis STRAUPE’s wood designs with conviction can be interpreted to be as “functional frenzy” matching hand in hand together with functional and rational solutions realizing the most reckless projects. Any project, which obviously seems be simple on the outside, includes unmatched elegance, which can be obviously felt rejoicing the final product of art design.
One of Janis STRAUPE’s the chef d’oeuvre is a commode called PERSPICERE. This witty, elegant and sophisticated polyhedral object is distinguished by its unique design. Clean, simple expressed lines, when looking at it from certain points of view, creates an optical illusion – a cube perspective. The commode includes original sagacity, many practically applied drawers, but at the same time, the original location creates unusual works of art that are able to attract not only untraditional art enjoyer, but also fit for functionality in the office.

Each sculpture’s glamour and tempting attractiveness is achieved not only with clean lines, which make all the works unique and aesthetic, but also a compelling wit and wisdom. When you take in your hands the smaller size object, it looks like that you can taste and feel every movement of the artist when he sculpted, each lines interaction, the atmosphere which gives the colour clarity and defines the work as complete.
It is like a game with ideas, lines, shapes, dimensions, it is communication with the subject at utmost level, it’s like a trick that mostly has not been pronounced when you are the user of the designed wood products by Janis STRAUPE.

Latvian brilliant designer Janis STRAUPE wants to amaze us, every work is unique, attractive with its simplicity, yet sophisticated in each detailed component. It is worthy to become the central object, but also integrates well with the environment by supplementing in its simplicity and constructive, cozy elegance.