The new workspace designed for, Jelly Button Games and Hamutzim Studio, two companies sharing the same roof & founders, was a great challenge for the Architect Roy David, founder of the Tel Aviv based Architecture and Interior Design Studio.

The main challenge was how on the one hand to create a workspace that allows each of the companies the solitary, functional privacy and unity required for each of the working teams. On the other hand being able to share knowledge and experiences with each other in a fluent sequential environment which inspires its inhabitants to dream, imagine and create.

The main design idea was to create a three segment plan of public, semi-public and private areas. It resembles the ripple effect, which in its core stands the public space, serving as a knowledge sharing center inspiring interaction between the office’s various professionals. As the ripple effect fades out to the peripheral areas, the private areas of the working spaces are revealed.

The overall space is divided into two levels by three wooden stairs which separate the two companies working areas, but still allows its inhabitants to visually communicate. The idea was to create see-through, free standing wooden walls, which will allow the different spaces to dynamically be weaved into each other, providing the fluent sequential environment that its inhabitants desired.

The minimal industrial and eclectic design reflects the office’s culture that aspires to perfection, creativity and joyfulness. This transcends into the companies’ products and the interaction with their clients.

CLIENT: Jelly Button Games, Hamutzim Studio
SIZE: 700sqm
YEAR: 2015
LOCATION: Shoken 27 Str, Tel Aviv, Israel


See-through closet

Wall-art, lighting fixtures & bar view

Industrial kitchen design

Iron pipe detail

Gaming room

OSB niche detail

Playful environment

See-through wooden walls detail

Entrance view

Desk detail