Jeremy table :)

V8 Engine with no running costs! Designer proves upcycling is the future when it comes to interior design.
When you mention a V8 engine, many immediately think gas guzzler. Bedfordshire Designer Max McMurdo plans to change all that with the launch of his new coffee table design – made from an upcycled Rover V8 engine!
Gone are the days of standard office and home furnishings. Thanks to environmentally aware designer companies such as reestore ltd, you can now decorate your home or office with beautiful much loved but now unusable items from our past. All transformed into stunning feature pieces guaranteed to grab attention.
Designer and owner of reestore ltd Max McMurdo, 35 from Bedfordshire, talks about his design: “Having worked at Rover, the V8 was the envy of many a young lad. Now I know this is not the first time a V8 engine has been used as a table, but I wanted to add my own aesthetic. Chrome effect coating gives this product a real gleam and touch of glamour – turning it not just into an engine table, but one which cries out for attention!”.
Max names all of his products after people who have inspired him, we asked him the reasons behind the tables name ‘Jeremy’. Max said “As an ex-automotive designer I am a huge fan of cars. I saw an engine table on one of my favourite shows, Top Gear and thought I could add the reestore touch to create something more designer and less engineered – And so Jeremy was born. I hope Mr Clarkson approves!”
The Jeremy table is available online at £495.00. Powder coated with a hard wearing chrome effect finish it comes with non marking ball and socket height adjustable feet, topped off with an 8mm piece of polished glass. You can even personalise theglass with your name or company logo!
Max and Jeremy recently appeared in the Channel 4 television show George Clarkes Amazing Spaces and will be hitting our TV screens again later this year. For more information visit www.reestore.com or email Max@reestore.com

Has appeared online on the reestore website.