Blueberry and fish by Viktor Mazhlekov
Mageyarou by Masazumi Nishino
Crab by Lee Sangyul
Materia? III by Natalia Warwas
Linum bag by YouArtMe
Handmade, craftsmanship

People are getting tired of high-technology entertainment, social network and all that noisy tumult around us. On the other hand we need entertainment to not to get bored. You Art Me came with solution and created the jiggy puzzle!
These are not just an ordinary puzzle. It consists of 42 wooden elements that are to be placed in a thick, round frame. It might look like a piece of cake but in fact it isn’t as simple as it looks. Almost every element has different shape and because of the round frame it becomes more difficult but also more fun! The overprints are reproductions of art pieces, so it’s not only a toy but also an original, stylish decoration. The item is handmade from fully biodegradable beech wood and the overprint is non-toxic, completely safe for children. Wonderful idea for a gift, not only for kids.