Milk i
Milk ii

Zone VI 4×5 Large Format Field Camera, Ilford HP5 400ASA 4x5inch sheet film. Darkroom processing & printing.

I am currently studying Fine Art at Crawford College of Art & Design in Cork. I have multidisciplinary tendencies but I have a particular interest in photography. I am also currently experimenting with sculptural and installation based concepts & processes…

At the moment I am exploring and questioning an idea about perception that says that we never ‘perceive’ 100% of what is around us. Our brain can only take in so much information through our senses so most of what we perceive as being our reality is made up primarily of ‘filler’.

I am interested in all that ‘in between’. What are we missing out on? What hidden worlds might be existing just beyond our accepted perception of our reality and how can we go about experiencing these in-perceivable wonderment’s…