To illustrate the capabilities of 3D Knitting, Thursday Finest has collaborated with designer Joe Doucet on an unique capsule collection. The collection’s key design element – a bold, single line across the chest – playfully references the tie bar and highlights the potential of this new technology. The tie bar element should always fall between the second and third button of a dress shirt, and as a customer enters their height and knot style, the tie is then printed to always fit perfectly. They are available in 5 designer-recommended colorways, and also any combination of Thursday Finest’s 31 colors.

At Thursday Finest there is no 3rd-generation tailor or 5th-generation tie maker – there’s a Japanese knitting machine. And every time a new order is placed on the company’s website, the knitting machine whirrs and beeps into action and starts making a Merino wool tie. Thursday Finest built this new process to enable anyone to purchase knitwear in a granular size that fits their height, and in any color combination they desire. By eschewing the traditional bulk-order manufacturing model for their own micro-factory in Brooklyn, these knit ties are not only sold at a competitive price point but manufactured, packaged and shipped in under an hour.

Because good design should always do some good in the world, a portion of the proceeds for the Joe Doucet x Thursday Finest collection goes to Career Gear, an organization that provides job-specific clothing for men in need. And since every tie is made on-demand, the process is inherently sustainable.