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Hello Moco Loco,

I wanted to share with you our newest project from Antlerstudios, the Jr. Sleeve, a new footwear concept for the youngest explorer that was launched with Kickstarter last wee. As you are aware, Kickstarter is a crowd funding site that focuses on spreading the word and work through a crowd. I wanted to reach out and see if you could share this project with your readers and in doing so, help us launch this project.

Product Discription:

What Do Kids Put in Their Pockets?
Rocks, Gum, Lip-Gloss, Hot Wheels, Batman, Yoyo, Money, Baseball Cards, Sticks, Sling Shot, Spiderman, Blocks, Money, Flashlight, Candy, Note From Mom, Flash Drive, Bugs, ID, Lego’s, Tools and Crayons.

Designed for the explorer in all of us.
The Jr. Sleeve is a new piece of kids footwear designed to interact with and give the youngest explorer an extra place to collect and take along their favorite small things. It has a place to store a favorite hot wheel, that found shinny rock or just a special note from mom saying “have a great day!” The Jr. Sleeve by LUME is the perfect addition to any outdoor activity where Play, Comfort and Insulation is a must to weather the elements.

With the passion of solving problems for others and countless hours chasing our kids around, we decided to step back and see how we might be able to fuse a bit of innovation and fun into the kids outdoor footwear market.

What we noticed was that kids are collectors while exploring and are filling their pockets with their favorite things or any small objects they’ve found outside.

With that, we set out to create a product that not only solved a problem (keep kids feet warm) but also create a product that became a tool to help aid in the collection process of their explorations.

We wanted to design the Jr. Sleeve with simplicity in mind. From the type of material used (neoprene and recycled rubber), to the inspiration behind the primary colors chosen to represent the launch (a pack of Crayons).

It was important that these products not only become an extension of our kids imagination but represent Fun through Interaction. With the ability to mix and match boots and colors, the opportunities are endless to show off their personalities.

Thanks – Andrew