Blue JyAR
Blue JyAR with Glass Insert (exposed)

JyARz store fine herbal remedies and personal care products. (1.25 fl. oz.)

JyARz are portable, airtight, glass-lined, eco-friendly travel containers.

JyARZ are made in the USA.

JyARz are modular, replace the glass/gaskets…Voila…like new! Inexpensive because it lasts a lifetime!

JyARz are eco-friendly, made of glass and recycled milk jugs (No traceable BPAs or Phthalates).

JyARz feature two air-tight seals, one on the glass insert and another seal on the outer shell.

JyAR contents are exposed to glass and a FDA food safe latex rubber gasket. No plastic exposure!

JyARz are shock resistant. Latex gaskets and an outer shell protect the glass from drops and shocks.

JyARz ARE NOT designed to store or transport illicit substances.
1% of sales donated to organizations researching effects of plastic trash in our oceans.