“A collection inspired by the Scandinavian style mixed with Mediterranean influences and Japanesse shapes.”

Kaaja Collection is designed as the first furniture collection for the new Swedish design firm By.Enströms. This brand is the new brand from an old company based in Tibro, Sweden. During more than 100 years, this company has been related to the furniture industry. Now, in 2015, they are launching their new brand.

This collection was designed in order to represent the brand values of passion about wood and traditions. Every detail is designed specially for its place.

The collection itself presents the possibility of multiple combinations of boxes and modules in order to create different compositions.

It is made in ash and lacked MDF.


Sketches from the design process

KA-1 cabinet, a bed side table.

Detail of the KA-1 cabinet.

KA-4 cabinet.

KB-2 cabinet.

KD-3 cabinet.

Detail of the KD-3 cabinet.

KF-2 cabinet.

KT-1 table. It has two trays that can be use as a rack or as trays.