The exhibition in the form of invitation is made for you to meet the first works of André Teoman and be apart of this club.

The exhibition welcomes you has friend or strangers to the start of the studio’s journey. The whole process of the development of the pieces will be felt and understood to whom dare to be part of this “club”. From the first sketches, digital testing, product development and to the final prototypes all these elements complete the story of the pieces in the exhibition.

I like to see myself as a storyteller through my creative medium, the product, but even when I do other works, in addition to the products I’m always trying to create a strong and coherent narrative. Hence the exhibition is not just a show piece, but a tale.

This exhibition is made of prototypes of pieces that were developed conceptually during 2015 mixing different handcraft and contemporary techniques to fun pieces… when we get home, we should have joy and conviviality, and the objects around should help us to that better.”

In the exhibition besides the iconic Kaleidoscope table there will be some novelties presented for the first time such has the Pico table and a suspension lamp, The Butler’s, The Zoo Collection and the Shark wall lights. The space of the exhibition is magical in a way only after seen can be explained with all its beauty in the middle of nature and tranquility. The Show Me Gallery counts with many well known names from design to art from Anton Alvarez, Fernando Brizio, Tom Price, Pepe Heykoop, to Alvaro Catalan de Ocon and much more.


Kaleidoscope Table

Sketch for the exhibition

Sketch for the Zoo Collection

The Zoo Collection

The Butlers

Pico table lamp

Pico Suspension lamp