Attached below are photographs of the Kamagong Rocker and the Rock-A-Bug. Employing traditional furniture-making techniques typical of Philippine furniture such as the solihiya weave (woven cane) and crushed bamboo, she has designed two refreshingly new pieces that successfully combine the contemporary with the traditional.

Tha Kamagong Rocker is made of a tropical hardwood called Kamagong, much like the famed Zitan hardwood from China, which is uniquely swirled with warm yellows in its rich dark body. The seat and back rests are made of solihiya.

The Rock-A-Bug was conceived for Leticia’s son, Rodrigo. She gathered scraps from around the E.Murio workshop and fashioned this light and fun rocker from bamboo and rattan.

All photographs are by myself. Leticia is my sister-in-law, and together, we have been putting our efforts into continuing the E. Murio tradition of fine furniture making in the Philippines. She is painfully shy and I really find it a waste that she has created such beautiful things without an audience.

These two pieces have never been published in the web, except in our own wordpress and facebook sites. The Kamagong rocker was featured last year in a local magazine.