Detail that shows as light a match against the rough surface.
Some lighted candles using the friction technique.
Front of the candle holders where can be appreciated the shiny glazed surface and the unglazed strip.
Top view and candle 18mm | diameter.
Candleholders in procession like in religious ceremony celebrated in Sevilla during the holy week.

Porcelain candlesticker, `kandelitos´ is a conic family of table candle holders. The cones have not been glazed on a stripe from the top to the bottom. This rough non unglazed surface can be used to light a match against it.

The cones have been made pouring porcelain and firing at 1250ºC. After that the result is a cone of 90mm height, diameter of 50mm at the base and diameter of 18mm at the top.

The design has been designed and produced by Ahsayane Studio as an experience to straight ceramic materials, porcelain in that case, and use it in different functional way.

The designs took inspiration from Nazarenes, members of local churches’ brotherhoods who are famous for wearing the `capirotes´ (peaked white conics hats similar to those of the infamous Klan), while accompanying sculptures of Christ and the Virgin throughout the city with candles. This religious ceremony has been celebrated in Seville, Spain, since the 16th century.