KAOX is a modular seating and storage system – made of corrugated cardboard.

Air and paper can handle any weight if arranged accordingly and are quite a looker, too. Our KAOX corrugated cardboard modules are made of untreated paper. They are light, stable and can be infinitely combined. Essential part of the design are the slanted edges, revealing their wavy interior.

No matter the purpose: whether you need a stool or a table, a flexible shelf system or a bar for a party: All that is possible with KAOX.

The “Stool 444” (which exists also foldable) is extremely well suitable as a seat and may contain your admired records or ordinary ring binders.

Red wine stains on the corrugated board -quickly wiped- are no problem, because we oil-impregnate the surface laborious by handcraft. This natural finish makes the furniture resistant to dirt and moisture.