The German Designers Laura Jungmann, Dorothee Mainka, Pierre Kracht, Jona- than Radetz, Florian Saul and Michael Konstantin Wolke and its partner initiatives aim at emphasizing gentrification in the above mentioned areas to oppose the crafts workshops’ pending extinction by offering new creative ideas and solutions.

KAP: Copper, brass and aluminum sheets were stacked and sculpted into a series of vessels – their simple cylindrical shape contrasting their unusual materiality which is only visible at a second glance.

YINE HATA is made up of two large lamp shades with different heights, which are adjusted to fit the size of their respective illuminant while a consciously positioned defect ruptures the system and enables the user to replace the light bulb.

The table lights TRUMPETS, inspired by the light of the orient, open into trumpet-like lamp shades and structural light details appear.

The wire luminaires SOUNDS OF ISTANBUL retain a soundwise facet of the city Istanbul. The objects’ abstract outlines, are taken from one or more sound sequences. With their abstract, graphic simplicity they offer a significant light atmosphere.

The spherical spots of the luminaire BAKMAK, can be adjusted to point into any given direction, through magnets. With this function the sculptural luminaire will give an atmospheric accent light.

The side table YOK ‘s construction with its interlocked stillage was achieved by converting Oriental ornaments into a connection piece. The table gets stable through tension and insertion of the three legs in the tabletop.


TEASER, please download the whole link, with all photos

TEASER, please download the whole link, with all photos

TEASER, please download the whole link, with all photos