Kate MOSS - Eco Art

Hi! We are a company specialized in interior objects al based on nature!

We came up with a whole new way of green walls. Moss walls!

The mos is collected from special forests, where a careful, controlled harvesting is of vital importance. The forest floor is vulnerable and must be treated with great care to leave as few traces as possible. Our harvesters are all well versed in protecting the landscape (and the surroundings) without leaving any tell tale sores while handpicking the moss.

Our product is treated to remain soft, pliable and easy to work with. However, if the relative humidity falls below 50% the moss becomes hard and brittle. Fortunately it will regain its suppleness when it regain its original moisture.

Because of this big advantage the moss walls are almost selfregulating!

For this project we designed a moss wall in a bar in Amsterdam, because our client wanted to have a artwork as well we came up with the face of Kate moss in moss!

I hope you like it, please checkout our website at www.oasegroen.nl/moswand for more projects. We are busy translating our website this will be done in 2 weeks!

Please let me know what you think!

Kind regards.