Kavai is a small lounge chair designed for lobbies, waiting areas or anywhere else one appreciates a good armchair but don’t have too much space. The chair has a distinct profile, with a slender body and a generous armrest sweeping the top edge, much like a collar on a shirt.

The brief was to create a characteristic club or lounge chair big on comfort but not in size. Early in the design process I focused on the importance of a good armrest. I found that in order to truly relax in a seated situating, what to do with you hands is just as important as the softness of the seat. The armrest on Kavai envelopes your body much like a winter coat hugs your neck. The angle of the armrest gradually drops off towards the back, providing support for your arms while making room from the elbows to slip down to a comfortable height.

Kavai is designed for L.K.Hjelle, who prides it self on been the premier producer of upholstered furniture in Norway. The chair comes in two different versions; a classic 4 legged version and an metal frame version.