KeiKei Watch, photo 1
KeiKei Watch, photo 2
KeiKei Watch, photo 3

Imagine fireflies as your interface between your watch, you, your phone and time…

Kei Kei watch is an interaction design concept where instead of conventional digital language of icons, words, pictures etc, the information is communicated in an emotional, nature inspired way – mimicking a vibrant swarm of fireflies.

In our modern life when we are surrounded by digital technology the interfaces we face every day are as digital as they get, KeiKei watch provides all the expected functionality like Bluetooth sync control over cell phone, weather information, notifications about calls and messages, but with the interface being a never-ending simulation of a swarm of fireflies, acting naturally and sometimes randomly, dancing to the music when you are listening to an mp3 on your phone, giving indications about phone calls or approaching rain – all in a more natural, non digital way. KeiKei watch has a mini usb on the bottom to charge and perform firmware updates, Bluetooth to sync with your phone, and a touch sensitive surface on top, with a grid of super small LEDs (an OLED display can be considered as well). Watch is activated by a wrist move when a watch is turned from a free position to a watch face facing user (wrist rotation).