KI·RA and the Edible Tower (of containers) is a collection of kitchen utensils.

Bread is an indispensable ingredient of the Greek meal. As a simple, cheap, and adaptable type of food, bread is often used as a synonymous for food in general in the Greek language.

Picnic is not so common in Greece, what it is very typical though, is the collective/ communal meals and the variety of these meals. One would rarely stumble upon an ‘appetizer/ first course/ second course’ kind of meal. Usually all the types of food are served and consumed simultaneously. The most common version of varied meal is the one that accompanies some of the most traditional drinks. In this case, each dish is called mezes.

In the event of a social gathering in the form of a picnic, a Greek would most probably bring bread and a series of small and particular dishes.

KI•RA is a collection of utensils that facilitate with the production, transportation and consumption of an outdoor varied meal. By default, during a picnic each individual contributes with a dish. The idea of KI•RA is that during the process of preparing the dishes for a picnic, one can as well prepare edible containers which will later become part of the dish consumption.

Along with the evident ecological approach, the idea of simultaneously preparing food and container, conceals a sensibility to the process and an additional tactility to the consumption. The linear progress of food preparation for a temporary, alfresco meal becomes circular. The routine of preparation and consumption results to a complete nothing. The process doesn’t stop at the moment the food enters in one of the single-use containers that exist in the market, on the contrary, the food arrives to the event and it is being consumed along with its containers. What remains is the memory of the communal meal.

The kit consists of a recipe, a ceramic casserole dish, a dough comb and a tablecloth. The recipe is ideal to prepare a dough that will result in a strong, tasty and resilient bread. In the casserole dish one can bake bread vessels with their lids, the comb creates dashed engraved lines, in order for the bread to be easily divided and edible without the use of cutlery, lastly, the tablecloth is used to carry the food to the picnic.