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mug ilustration image v3
Bright Stem Robot Wrapping Paper
Bright Stem Triangular Pattern Wrapping Paper
Bright Stem Xmas Tree Pattern Wrapping Paper
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mug ilustration image v2
Baubles back and front

Bright Stem is a small creative business run by myself Andrew Wood. I’m an Artist/Designer who works from a studio at the top of an old mill in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I create bright, colourful, ethically manufactured products that I sell through Bright Stem’s online shop www.brightstemshop.com and on www.amazon.co.uk.

This crowdfunding project is to fund the production of 4 new product lines: A set of 8 unique pop out baubles, a porcelain mug with robin design, 3 sheets of wrapping paper of different designs and 8 unique gift tags. By funding the production of these products you’re funding Bright Stem.

So what is Bright Stem…? One of its biggest influences is the Bauhaus Art and Design School based in Germany during the 1930s. At the Bauhaus they believed that by Art and Design working in connection with Industry we could create a better world. This belief shaped the world we live in today from the graphics we see to the products we use to even the buildings we live and work in.

Bright Stem aims to achieve the same goal: to make the world better through developing connections. The most important connections being between the design of the product, the Ethics involved in its construction and the business of selling said product.

This ethos can take many shapes and forms for example the patches I sell are hand made by myself, the mugs will be sourced from a UK manufacturer and the notecards I sell are printed on 100% recycled card. Whilst the popout baubles show how a little bit of creative design/sideways thinking can produce unique, cheap, ethically made items with a very low carbon footprint.

By making a pledge to this campaign you’re not just buying a new product from an upcoming artist/designer. You’re saying there’s a better way to do business. We can create quality-designed products at sensible prices that have been produced in an ethical manner.

To enable Bright Stem to take the next step in its journey its crucial we raise this money. It’s approaching Christmas again so everyone will want their Bright Stem presents! I know there is already a very enthusiastic customer base out there and an increasing demand for new product lines. So now’s your chance… If you want to become an integral part of these exciting new ventures, make a pledge and you’ll receive one of the 1st edition of these new Bright Stem products!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.