Kimmi is the name of this chair and table collection created by the industrial designer Roger Vancells of the Nuklee studio. The chair arise from the review and the desire to bring from a contemporary approach, classic designs such as the chairs of Alvar Aalto or those ones from Eames. The idea is to learn from this type of chairs which emerged from research of the molded plywood.

kimmi chair shelters the body in a natural, flexible and cozy form. Its design enhances the qualities of the material to achieve the optimal body-chair ratio. Due to a constructive solution it enables to unify the backrest and the seat enhancing the flexibility of the body.

Kimmi is a chair to talk, to listen, to gather, to eat, to work … It has a synthetic design, and a tender, essential line in expressiveness. The chair comes accompanied by four types of structure, which allow adjustments to different contexts.

The collection was conceived with the aim of boosting the multipurpose and versatility concept to give the opportunity of playing with the chair in diverse interior environments and different situations.

The chromatic choice is aligned with the expressive and extroverted character that has been applied to the collection. A palette of bright colors enhances the contrasts among them by interacting with the softer, pale and nuanced natural wood finishes.

Photos: Francesc Rabat (360Fotoweb)